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But lack of visibility doesn’t stop the volunteers from pursuing their mission.

“The main goal of the wildlife refuge is to protect the creatures that are endangered, but also reach out and educate people about that as much as we can, get them involved in the same process,” Cummings said.

The refuge is a bird-lovers paradise. The site is a migratory stopover: a winter destination for migrating birds. These include hawks, Canada geese and a variety of seabirds. During nesting season, California lease terns will lay their eggs on the refuge. The nesting area is fenced in to protect the young avians, and volunteers stand guard.

“Some of my best times on the refuge have been sitting out there, watching the birds to make sure they’re safe,” Cummings said.

Tours of the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge take place monthly. To reserve a spot, call 562-598-1024.

Bees buzz around some flowers at the refuge.

Photo by Leland R. Sisk

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