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LW Strong-Vote for Chance to Win

LW shareholders in even-numbered Mutuals who cast votes for their GRF directors in the 2022 election are eligible for an opportunity drawing for $50 Ralphs gift cards.

The drawing is sponsored by the GRF Board of Directors as an incentive for residents to participate in community government.

Shareholders from even-numbered Mutuals will be automatically entered into the drawing if they vote. Gift card winners will be announced at the GRF annual meeting on June 14 at 2 p.m.

Based on the number of units, each Mutual will have one or more raffle winners, as follows: Mutual 2, 864 units for nine winners; Mutual 4, 396 units, four winners; Mutual 6, 408 units, five winners; Mutual 8, 348 units, four winners; Mutual 10, 276 units, three winners; Mutual 12, 452 units, five winners; Mutual 14, 328 units, four winners; Mutual 16, 60 units, one winner.

Current GRF director households are not eligible. GRF elections are held every two years—odd-numbered Mutuals hold elections during odd-numbered years and even-numbered Mutuals during even-numbered years.

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