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With the increase of online ….

With the increase of online services, a lot of our business has gone to outside area agents who are not familiar with Leisure World or how to condu ct a listing,” she said. Leisure World is comprised of 15 stock cooperatives (Mutuals 1-12 and 14-16; there is no Mutual 13) and one condominium association (Mutual 17). For people moving into Mutuals 1-16, they own a share of stock that allows them to live and make improvements to the unit only if approved by the Mutual. Mutual 17 residents own their condos.

Leisure World is a novel hybrid in the world of real estate. On-Site Home Sales has a 45-year history in buying and selling here and knows the ins and outs.

“We only conduct real estate transactions in Leisure World, and we are specialists in buying and selling in this wonderfully unique community,” said Januszka. “It is not your typical real estate transaction. There is so much to know with 16 different Mutual Corporations each having its own requirements.

“Let’s face it, when you purchase a property outside with cash, there is no need to financially qualify or attend an orientation.” And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

There are rules for every facet of the process—Notice of Intent to Withdraw, pre-listing inspections, lock box, showing property (open houses are not permitted), escrow, buyer qualifications, cash-only sales (mortgages are only permitted in Mutual 17) and financial qualification. Eligibility requirements vary from Mutual to Mutual, and the Stock Transfer Office verifies every application.

On-Site Home Sales agents are fully versed in the complexities of listing units in all the different Mutuals. Agents pre-screen buyers to make sure they will qualify for the properties they are interested in and help clients navigate purchase and sale procedures.

“One of our agents recently wrote an offer on a listing only to find out there was no attorney approval done, no notice given to the Mutual, no pre-listing inspection,” said Januszka. “In other words, everyone loses, both the seller and the buyer have lost time.”

On-Site Home Sales takes pride in matching the right people with the right properties. As every resident knows, each Mutual is a little different. Some allow patios; some curtail building at the garden line. Some are easier to qualify for. Some Mutuals won’t let you have a red door, only white, wood or a Mutual-approved neutral. Some Mutuals won’t allow units to stay vacant, mandating reinspections until they are sold.

Knowing this kind of information upfront helps buyers comfortably settle into new homes without the conflict of unmet expectations.

On-Site Home Sales even offers an in-house escrow company to ensure the entire transaction runs smoothly with open lines of communication between agents and the escrow officer.

Januszka took over On-Site Home Sales in 2020, just 10 weeks before the global pandemic struck. It was a challenging year, with her burning the midnight oil many a night. She dealt with staff shortages, a two-month office shutdown and rapidly changing market conditions. That year, On-Site Home Sales sold 176 units, the most since 2017, and this in a year that flattened many businesses. And it brought $554,841 in revenue to GRF.

The GRF is grateful for the annual give-back revenues and the decades of service, especially under the new leadership.

“On behalf of the GRF Board, we want to thank On-Site Home Sales for a fantastic year,” said GRF President Susan Hopewell. “Dawn and her team have exceeded our expectations under challenging conditions.” Today, Januszka and her agents continue to offer virtual home tours and Zoom meetings, but also in-person help so serious buyers can get a first-hand look at available property. It just goes to show that when the world feels upside-down, people are attracted to this friendly refuge called Leisure World. “Sales spike during unrest because people know it’s safe here,” said Januszka. “We see an increase during those times. People want to live in a place where they know their neighbors, packages are left undisturbed on patios, and Security is always on patrol. And finding that perfect place for a newcomer is what we love to do.”

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