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Hot Shots defeat Sliders March 4

On March 4, the Hot Shots defeated the Sliders 11-7. After 10 Shuffleboard League games, the Shufflers are in first place, with Hot Shots second and Sliders third.

Practice times are Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Starting time for league play is 8:30 a.m. on Fridays; players are asked to arrive on time to get a starting position.

The courts at LW are made of highly polished concrete that are waxed periodically by the Service Maintenance Department. Before play, each court is sprinkled with silicone wax, which acts like ball bearings. This makes the courts lightningquick, and it does not require any tremendous effort on a player’s to get pucks down the lanes. Each lane at the Clubhouse 1 courts seems to have a personality of its own. Pucks will break severely right or left if pushed down one side of the court, while hardly at all on the other. For this reason, players change sides of the court halfway through each game.

The Annual Ham Shoot is a fun test of players’ accuracy, finesse and skill. Those interested can sign up at the Clubhouse 1 courts for the April 8 event.

All LWers are invited to join the Shuffleboard Club for fun, exercise and socialization. To use the Shuffleboard Courts, people must be trained in court setup, maintenance and play, as well as become a participating club member. BYOB practice nights, tournaments and other social events are being planned throughout the year for members and their guests. Contact Dave LaCascia at (801) 674-5975 for more details.

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