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Yahtzee Club

The highest-scoring winners at the July 30 Yahtzee Club meeting were Marilyn Moody, Donna Wenrick, Kathe Repasi, Judy Nesteby, Liz Maripol and Susie Ralston. There was a four-way tie for most Yahtzees: Doris Dack, Barbara Robarge, Kathy Rose and Pat Wilson split the prize, each having made six Yahtzees.

The Yahtzee Club meets every Friday from 12:30-4 p.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 6. The cost to play is $2 per meeting, which goes toward seven prizes at the end of the game. Club dues are $3.

Members should bring their own beverages in a spill-proof container that is clearly labeled. No one is required to bring a snack to share, but should anyone choose to do so, items must be store-bought and in individually sealed packaging.

For anyone who has no idea what Yahtzee is, Kathy Rose will teach the basics of the game. You can text her at (714) 309-6873.

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