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Scrabble Club

The Leisure World Scrabble Club was active in July. The club met on all four Wednesdays; on July 28, they had lunch together to celebrate Larry Edgar’s 500th game.

Thirteen of the members posted scores of at least 300; there were 45 such totals. Five of the members had bingos, in which a player used all seven tiles in a single word; there were 11 such moves.

Edgar led with eight scores above 300 and had three bingos. His high score was 420.

Suthy Chhoeuy topped 300 seven times and posted two bingos; her best score was 373. Mary Hobbs had six scores above 300. She scored 90 points on one play, en route to a total of 385.

Diane Seeger bested 300 four times and had four bingos; her top score was 377. Marilyn Moody scored a 402; her one bingo was an 89-point play.

Club president Maria Giegerich topped 300 three times, had one bingo and got a best score of 343. Former presidents Flo Nesland and Flo Thompson each had two 300-plus games, with their high scores being 356 and 346, respectively.

Other members who scored above 300 were Charla Gae (three times; best score: 318); Wanda Bemben (twice; best: 369); Zoe Pickell (twice; best: 336); Mark Scott (once; 322); and new member Valerie Strong (once; 305).

The club meets from 1-4 p.m. on Wednesdays in Clubhouse 3, Room 5. New members are welcome.

—Larry Edgar

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