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LW Poetry

This feature showcases original poems by members of the Creative Writers Club of Leisure World and other GRF members.

A flower in paradise

There’s a lack of nostalgic golden bell, Garden flowers in Carlsbad*, and Even cherry blossoms in Descanso**.

In a neighbor’s mini-garden Resting is an unknown flower.

It seldom dates bees and butterflies.

The stem bows respectably.

The petals wrinkle gracefully.

Full of comfort and peace, Filled with beauty of recollection, Bare flower mutters to itself, Solely embraces the glorious sunrise, Rolls the shadow at dusk, Then, she falls asleep in the moonlight Out of the vicissitude of life Modest is the flower in paradise.

—Robert Chung, Mutual 4 * Carlsbad: a coastal city, San Diego County, California ** Descanso: botanical garden in La Cañada Flintridge, Los Angeles County.

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