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Letters to the Editor


I live in an end unit on El Dorado Drive in Mutual 8. I am in direct line to the wall and the DWP power plant.

This unit was remodeled with dual pane sliders. I asked about the noise generated by DWP and was told that the noise level was being improved by the installation of new towers and that it was already better than it had been. I moved in believing it was getting better.

After several large tanks were dismantled, an increase in a high pitch whine and humming started. Friends noticed the increase in noise. I spoke with a DWP supervisor, who said removing the tanks possibly took away a sound barrier. The noise is a constant, 24/7.

I tried foam ear plugs and noise-blocking headsets (with no music) and installed heavy duty plastic blinds in my patio to try to dampen the noise.

I even block the vent in my bathroom, which funnels outside noise.

All the traffic, commercial airplanes, construction work, mower/blower landscapers, loudtalking people, slamming car doors, everything outside my unit wall stops at night, except the noise from the DWP.

How can I get the DWP to try to mitigate its noise pollution?

Your recent article on noise stated, “The annoyance can have major consequences,” and I can confirm that. Victoria Wood Mutual 8 Editor’s note: The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is dismantling and removing decommissioned power units at the Haynes Generating Station adjacent to Leisure World.

The dismantling of units is being done in phases, and all equipment and debris will be trucked away. Dismantling work is scheduled to take place Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. No planned dismantling work is scheduled for weekends and holidays. Monitoring instruments measure noise and vibration levels during all work to maintain levels below the required limits, according to LADWP officials. Residents who have concerns regarding the dismantling work can contact the project team directly on the Haynes Demolition Information Line at 1-800-531-6638. Editor: NPR today presented a study on the importance of libraries to communities.

The study concluded that libraries, the people who work in them and the people who visit them are critical in maintaining our democracy. So please visit our excellent LW Library and the Friends of the Library Bookstore and feast on the wonders that they hold and know that each of us can make a difference in our community life.

Also, if you have extra time, consider volunteering your services. Your energy and talents would be welcome! Pat Kruger Friends of the Library volunteer Mutual 9


My thanks to Pastor Bruce Humes for offering a very wholesome and “feel good” movie. “Woodlawn” was a wonderful movie that offered hope and joy to those viewing it.

What a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours a month. If you want your spirits lifted, watch for the LW newspaper’s First Christian Church article about the next great movie (usually at the end of the month).

Linda Johnson Mutual 15

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