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Learn the difference between the GRF and GAF


By John Hlavac

GAF Vice-President

Despite having very similar names, the Golden Age Foundation (GAF) and the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) are two completely separate organizations.

The Golden Rain Foundation is the nonprofit corporation that manages the shared property of Leisure World. This corporation has employees; an executive director, Randy Ankeny; and a board of directors that sit on numerous committees, such as recreation, physical property, finance, communications and security, among others.

Every resident of Leisure World is a member of the GRF, which is why residents are called shareholders. The Golden Rain Foundation is funded by a portion of your monthly carrying charge.

The Golden Age Foundation, on the other hand, operates seperately from the GRF.

GAF is, legally speaking, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It has a small board of directors. Every person in the organization is a volunteer with no paid staff.

Our mission is to make the community a better and happier place in which to live. The GAF’s funding is dependent on contributions. When we get a large bequest, which happens occasionally, it usually is designated for a specific project.

The next time you are at the gym, take a look at the plaque on the wall next to the elevator. The gym equipment was mostly provided in 2013 by a bequest from Jack Schiffiler funneled through our organization. Because the GAF doesn’t have employees, it works with the Golden Rain Foundation, who pays the staff that makes the gym workrun smoothly and efficiently.

When we don’t get a large bequest like the one for the gym equipment, we still strive to make life better using the other donations that we receive.

Programs like the Hospitality Center in Clubhouse 6, the tax preparation program, the paper shredding program, the battery recycling program and the mobility aids program are all examples of GAF’s efforts. All of these programs are provided to residents free of charge, with the GAF picking up the tab.

The driving force for the Golden Age Foundation is in its mission statement to improve life in Leisure World.

The GAF is always accepting donations, both large and small. If you’re making your will or trust and want to help make Leisure World a better place, consider including the GAF. We appreciate every donation because every gift helps us achieve our goal.

LWers are invited to consider becoming members and helping GAF make Leisure World better. Nothing happens in our organization without the dedication and effort of our volunteers. They are the heart and soul of the Golden Age Foundation.

Foundation’s Tax ID is 23-7273105; it can be reached at PO Box 2369, Seal Beach, CA 90740.

For more information, go to or leave a message at (562) 431-9589.

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