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GRF Recreation Column-Insurance Review Fees

by Kathy Thayer

GRF recreation manager

Recently, the Recreation Department was tasked with notifying clubs that all independent contractors operating in LWSB are required to pay an insurance review fee.

That includes paid instructors working for clubs, according to GRF Policy 60-5504-1, which was passed in January.

Recreation maintains records on all paid instructors who are required to provide a business license, liability insurance, credentials in their discipline and a waiver of liability declaration. Tracking, reviewing and renewing these documents takes significant staff time, and the review fee is designed to offset this.

While it is understandable that some LW members may take exception to this policy, cost recovery from contractors who make a living using GRF facilities with no overhead of their own is not unusual nor punitive. The wear-and-tear on GRF equipment, exclusive use of space on a regular basis, and staff and custodial time were also considered in levying this fee.

After consideration, the GRF Administrative Committee recommended the policy be sent to a work study. According to a report by the Recreation Department to that committee as well as the Member Services Committee:

• Every professional instructor (independent contractor) has paid the fee to date as they recognize this is a cost of doing business and common in their industry.

• Several instructors teach multiple classes here weekly, charging $5-$12 per person. Some of these classes exceed 40 attendees. Some teach multiple clubs.

• Table tennis coaches, for example, charge $45 an hour per person. They have exclusivity, and no one else is permitted to coach.

• The average exercise or dance class has about 30 people. That translates at the lowest rate to $150 for an hour or hour-anda- half class with no overhead and a ready-made clientele for whom there is no advertising expense.

• These classes have exclusive use of clubhouse space on a regular basis precluding the rest of the paying community from booking them. It is a privilege all residents pay for whether or not they can join the class.

The verification process takes time and has a primary goal of protecting residents from being subjected to unqualified or uninsured instructors.

Unpaid instructors, which several clubs use, are not subject to the review process; therefore, they are not required to pay the fee.

The Recreation Department values resident input and encourages open debate.

Its door is open for questions and comments on any issue regarding anything recreation.

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