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Shuffleboarders elated over promise of refurbished courts

Shuffleboarders elated over promise of refurbished courts Shuffleboarders elated over promise of refurbished courts


by Ruth Osborn

In its last meeting of the 2022-23 term, the GRF Board said goodbye to four directors who are stepping down, some after years of service to LW.

GRF President Marsha Gerber thanked director Leah Perrotti for her eight years representing Mutual 1; GRF Treasurer Phil Friedman, who has been on his Mutual 15 or GRF Board for a decade; and Sandy Geffner, Mutual 3, and Lucy Ablessor, Mutual 7, who are both concluding single terms.

It was business as usual except for the sea of red in the audience. A small army of shuffleboard players in their red club t-shirts, led by club president Kay Mount, turned out to support an agenda item to refurbish the courts.

“Thank you all for being here,” said GRF Director Donna Gambol who represents Mutual 1. “I am a former member and it’s a fascinating hobby. Shuffleboard is beginning to become popular with younger professionals. It’s the pickleball of tomorrow.”

The board voted unanimously to allocate $10,950 plus a 20% contingency to level, bevel and otherwise spruce up the facility.

Shuffleboard has recently surged in popularity here, largely because anyone can play. The game doesn’t require speed or agility, and can be played from a wheelchair or if using a cane.

During the public comment time, Mount told the board that the Shuffleboard Club has an “enormous commitment” to attracting new members. Since January, seven league teams averaging seven members are playing at the courts every week. More than 300 residents are registered players, representing a 280% increase since Mount became club president.

Repairing the cracked and uneven courts will restore the facility to “a

Shuffleboard Club members, with president Kay Mount (far left in back) were all smiles after the GRF Board of Directors approved plans to refurbish Leisure World's shuffleboard courts, which are located behind Burning Tree Lane.

The Shuffleboard Club is hugely popular in Leisure World. It's membership has increased by 280% since resident Kay Mount became president. GRF BOARD

beautiful LW amenity,” Mount said. The courts overhaul should be complete in time for the club’s 60th anniversary in July.

Among other highlights were: Ampitheater Dressing Room Air Conditioning

Upon the recommendation of the Recreation Committee, the board authorized $16,920 to install air conditioning and heating in the dressing rooms in the Amphitheater building.

Service Maintence Utility Vehicles

Upon the recommendation of the Security, Bus and Traffic Committee, the board voted to approve $51,742 for the purchase of two heavy-duty electric utility vehicles to replace two of the GRF fleet’s Cushman gas-powered carts. The board recently approved the purchase of two club car utility vehicles that are now in service. The two vehicles approved at the meeting have a load capacity of 2,000 pounds and will add a heavy-duty component to the fleet, which is aging and slowly being replaced.

1.8-Acre Ad Hoc Committee Report

GRF Director Carole Damoci representing Mutual 12 reported that the committee is waiting for the engineering report.

LW Bylaws Ballot Update

Damoci also reported that the GRF Bylaws ballot effort is only 880 votes short of the 3,305 ballots that must be returned with a “yes” majority for the amendments to pass. The amendment is needed to update archaic language in the bylaws.

Mailed ballots must be received before noon on Monday, June 5, so mail them as soon as possible for a chance to win a $50 gift card. Allow 4-5 days for delivery. LWers can also return ballots in person between 9-10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 6, in Clubhouse 4.

Accurate Voting will begin counting ballots at 10 a.m.

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