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Cribbage Club

On May 23, Helen Elich treated Cribbage Club members to a delicious chocolate cake and ice cream in celebration of a cribbage day. Candy Meyers and Carrie Kistner helped with serving 49 club members.

Kistner and Elich scored the highest—842 points each. Drew Sargent was second with 837 points; Ron Jackson, third, with 833; and Barbara Wilke, fourth, with 828. Bob Berry won six of seven games played. The club also welcomed Myrna Losquadro as a new member.

To learn more about the game of cribbage or joining the club, call and leave a message with Terry Thrift at 714-3945885. This year’s dues are $5; $1 is collected from each member when play begins.

To join, see the club’s officers at the check-in desk before play begins on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in Clubhouse 1. Members who come by 12:15 are guaranteed a place at the table.

—Marilyn Chelsvig

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