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GRF Visitor Access Procedure

In an effort to provide a secure community while allowing timely access to authorized visitors, the following procedures regarding visitor access shall apply: Resident/Authorized Person Call-In An authorized resident/person can call the Security Main Gate Office at 562-594-4754 to call in a visitor to the community.

People authorized to call in visitors:

• Owner.

• Co-occupant, non-owner, no stock.

• Qualified rermanent resident.

• Authorized renter.

• Power of attorney ( if the resident is not deceased).

• Executor ( only if the unit is in “estate” status).

• Trustee ( only if the unit is in “estate” status).

People who are not authorized to call in visitors:

• Non-resident co-owner.

• Outgoing, in escrow.

• Former renter.

• All caregivers, including part-time, full-time and live-in family caregivers.

• In escrow.

• Power of attorney ( if the resident is deceased).

• Immediate family. When the authorized person notifies Security, he or she will provide the Security officer with the following information:

• First and last name.

• Mutual and unit number.

• Name of the visitor. The Security officer will enter this information into the visitor access system. When the visitor arrives at the gate, a Security officer will:

• Obtain the name of the visitor.

• Obtain the name of the resident they are visiting.

• Record the visitor’s vehicle license number in the iPad tablet.

• Print out the pass and give the pass to the visitor. If there is an issue with the issuing of the pass, the visitor will park and go to the Security Office for further assistance.

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