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Pool Club members cue up for fall league, competition will end mid-November

The first round of the Leisure World Fall 2022 Pool League started in Clubhouse 2 and in Clubhouse 1 at 6 p.m. on Sept. 12. Since the group has 10 three-person teams, playing all the games in Clubhouse 2 would have taken too long. After meeting in Clubhouse 2, Teams 7-10 went to Clubhouse 1 to play their matches. As in recent leagues, each team has three players, who are designated as “A”, “B” and “C”, according to skill level. Each player plays seven games, two doubles matches of eight ball and nine ball, one singles match against their corresponding opponent in eight ball and nine ball. The final match of the night has all three players on each team play one game of eight ball. In a 13-point match, there is always a winner and never a tie. Every team will play every other team in the league once and then the season will finish on Nov. 14, with a sweepstakes event.

The match between the Ball Busters and the Crack Shots was a one sided affair with the Ball Busters winning 12-1. Kurt Bourhenne and Tiffany Pan both won all seven of their games for the Ball Busters, and Bruce Pettys only lost his eight ball singles match.

In the closest match of the night, Any Hole Counts edged The 3 Amigos 7-6. Steve Edrich, the “A” player for Any Hole Counts, won five games and four doubles. The Rustlers, who look to be one of the league’s strongest teams, won 11-2 over Right on Cue. Rusty Aquino, Gary Snow and Connie Terry each won five games, and all three players won both of their singles matches.

Over in Clubhouse 1, The Renegades won 10-3 over the Bank Bandits. Renegrads Steve Mitchell and John Burns each won six games, including both their singles games.

Hard to Handle won over Rockin’ Rollers 8-5. Bob Barnum and Susan Dotson each won five games, and Dotson, a much improved player, won both of her singles matches.

—Dave Silva

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