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In Memoriam Richard Steven ….

In Memoriam  Richard Steven …. In Memoriam  Richard Steven ….

In Memoriam Richard Steven Berryman

Richard Steven Berryman, 71, of Seal Beach died of heart failure March 29 at an area hospital.

Richard was the youngest of five Berryman children, who all grew up in their family’s funeral home in Cozad, Nebraska, and helped in various ways. Richard joined his mother, Geraldene Berryman, in the business in 1972, after graduating from Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Chicago. His father, Virgil, had died a year earlier. The Berrymans sold their business, which included three funeral homes, in 1983.

In the mid-1980s, Richard moved to Los Angeles, where he worked for funeral homes, then with sales with Service Corporation International. Years later, he worked with older adults when he purchased a Comfort Keeper franchise with his cousin and business partner, Mary Granger. They sold the business in 2017, and Richard retired to Leisure World Seal Beach.

Richard was a people-oriented person who prided himself on providing support to grieving families through his work in funeral homes and on providing help to the elderly through Comfort Keepers. He also prided himself on his sales ability, including selling Southern California to his friends in Nebraska. Richard had been known to call snowed-in Nebraska friends to say he was on his patio having brunch. Richard lived in Long Beach for many years before moving to Leisure World with his companion, Ivan Whatley. Ivan died in 2020.

Richard’s retirement activities included daily walks with his small dog, Charlie, who, like Richard, was large in personality. Richard also closely followed the national news, freely sharing his opinions on news events and other subjects.

Over the years, Richard helped and encouraged many friends, as well as family members. In retirement, he often said he was fortunate to have family, friends and neighbors who looked after him.

Richard’s memorial service will be April 30 at 1 p.m. at Leisure World Community Church. Guests should enter through the main gate on Seal Beach Boulevard.

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