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Golf League Results

On April 1, 14 men and two women of the Leisure World Golf League confronted the David L. Baker Golf Course in Fountain Valley on an overcast, damp morning. Though short in length, Baker’s numerous water hazards, difficult pin placements and yawning sand traps make it challenging. The blue tees were set as far back as possible, accounting for only three birdies being produced. But with otherwise good course conditions, 13 scores were at or below par.

All scores are net (gross minus handicap). A Flight encompasses handicaps of 0-19, while B Flight is over 19.

A Flight: First place: Sam Choi, a league-best 8 under 54; second: tie between Tim Looney, Larry Hillhouse and Dave LaCascia, a hard-fought 4 under 58; third: tie between Fujio Norihiro and Bill McKusky, a nice 3 under 59; fourth: Jim Goltra, even par 62; fifth: Clay Fischer, 2 over 64. McKusky and Norihiro tied for fewest putts.

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B Flight: First place: tie between Tom Ross and Ron Jackson, a well-played 6 over 56; second: Pat Paternoster, a sweet 3 under 59; third: tie between Gene Vesely, Bob Munn and Dale Quinn, even par 62; fourth: Lowell Goltra. Jackson and Ross were closest to the pin on two par-3 holes, and Vesely had fewest putts.

Facing off against the long Willowick Golf Course in Santa Ana on April 4 were 11 league golfers. The morning was cool and overcast, and with overnight watering, the course stayed wet, leading to higherthan- normal scores, with only five rounds at or under par. The greens are in good condition and yielded four birdies.

A Flight: First place: LaCascia, a hard-fought 3 under 68; second: Jim Goltra, a well-played 2 under 69; third: Hillhouse, a nice 1 under 70; fourth: Choi, 1 over 72; fifth: Chris Lankford, 2 over 73; sixth: tie between Norihiro and Fischer. Goltra and LaCascia tied for fewest putts, and LaCascia was closest to the pin on the fourth hole.

B Flight: First place: Ron Sommer, a well-played 5 under 66; second: Lowell Goltra, a good even par 71; third: tie between Munn and Vesely, 1 over 72. Sommer and Goltra tied for fewest putts.

The LW Golf League plays at four local courses, all within 15-20 minutes of Leisure World. The courses the group plays are often full, so advance reservations are available via sign-up sheets at each round.

There is a prize pool for each round that players are not obligated to enter. Rewards are given for low net and fewest putts in each flight, birdies and closest to the pin on two par-3 holes. Holes-in-one and eagles (2 under par), although infrequent, are generously rewarded. If interested, contact Gary Stivers at (714) 313-3697 or Dave LaCascia at (801) 674-5975.

—Dave LaCascia

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