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Guys & Gals Tournament

A total of 33 one-man-andone- woman teams participated in the Guys & Gals Tournament at Leisure World’s Turtle Lake Golf Course on March 30. Three flights of golfers competed for best net scores, eight circle holes (within a 5-foot radius) and two closest-to-the-pin challenges.

At the opening 7:30 a.m. tee time, the weather was a relatively warm and partly overcast. But the sun came out quickly, and it was a pleasure to play in its warmth, though there was a slight wind after 11 a.m. A remarkable 27 of the 33 teams posted a net score at or under par; plus, there were 40 birdies and six circle holes.

All scores below are net. A Flight encompasses of handicaps of 0-9; B Flight is 10-12, and C Flight is 13-18.

A Flight: First place: Bob Barnum and Kyung Ju, a very well-played 10 under 44; second: Terry Thrift and Mary Ann Moore, a super 6 under 48; third: tie between Young Lee and Hae Lee, Bob Turner and Janice Turner, and Kyoo Choi and Bong Choi, a terrific 5 under 49; fourth: tie between Paul Alloway and Ann Tran and Bill Lyons and Pam Krug, a sweet 4 under 50.

B Flight: First place: Walt Bier and Margie Thompson, a super 8 under 46; second: Steve Walker and Yvonne Yim, an outstanding 7 under 47; third: Byron Schweitzer and Bert Thompson, an excellent 6 under 48; fourth: Ron Jackson and Dale Quinn, a very good 4 under 50; fifth: Fujio Norihiro and Pattie Smith, a nice 3 under 51.

C Flight: First place: Pat Paternoster and Elizabeth Butterfield, a tournament-best 11 under 43; second: Lee Broadbent and Joann Lim, an excellent 7 under 47; third: Dennis Jensen and Marilyn Hewitt, a first-rate 4 under 50; fourth: tie between Dave LaCascia and Liz Meripol, James Choi and Grace Choi, and Brian Tivnan and Patty Littrell, a fine 2 under 52.

Closest to the pin on the second hole were Byron Schweitzer and Linda Herman, while on the 11th hole, it was Joon Sup Yoon and Devora Kim.

The next Guys & Gals Tournament will be on April 2. If you are scheduled to play but cannot, contact Alan Sewell at (541) 324-8558 or Dave LaCascia at (801) 674-5975 as soon as possible prior to the day of the tournament. There are usually guys and gals available to fill in.

—Dave LaCascia

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