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Tournament Poker

Tournament Poker Tournament Poker

Jon Jones was the Tournament Poker Club winner on March 19, beating Linda Stone with two pair. Jones, who works as an attendant at the Fitness Center, has won final table six times in his seven years as a club member. The third- and fourthplace finishers were Harry Sera and Roy Mittelsteadt. High hand was won by John Burns with AAA66, and Tony Canfora won second highest hand with KKK88. The promotional hand of 10-3 was won by Stone. The club will hold lessons on how to play Texas Hold ’Em during the month of April at 11 a.m. in Clubhouse 6. Regular games are played the first three Saturdays of every month in Clubhouse 6; players must be seated by noon to play. There are no late entries. Games costs $5 to play, and membership is $10 per year.

—Judy Jasmin

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