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Letters to the Editor


In the March 24 LW Weekly, there were articles from the Democratic Club, which told about upcoming events and websites and policy. Then I read the Republican article, which mansplained to us old folks how elections work and advised the reader that even if you don’t like the Republican candidate, you need to vote Republican, or a Democrat will take the seat. When do we stop thinking of the other side as the enemy and think as Americans? What’s best for America is to vote for the person who best matches what you feel is best for the country, not the party True patriots never put party over country and certainly should not make people fearful of the other side. Kindness starts with each of us; let’s not instill hate and fear but do what is right for America.

Adrianne Rosenfeld Mutual 14 Editor:

We have lived in Leisure World for eight years now. We love it, especially the social activities and the kindness of our neighbors. It is truly our home.

This is a plea to our directors to be a bit flexible in enforcing “the rules.” Our 9 year-old granddaughter made us a little-bitty wooden birdfeeder. We hung it in the tree in front of our porch. It was hardly noticeable. We were shortly cited for this. The rule is no hanging things from trees. We were told to remove it or it would be taken down for us. We have complied.

Of course we need rules. We’re not in favor of anarchy. But sometimes it would be kind to look the other way when there is a technical violation of the rules. Have a heart!

Mary and John Newport Mutual 11


I have to give credit to the costume-clad speaker in the Republican Club story (March 24) for doing away with the hypocrisy that usually accompanies political campaigns. A prime example is the school choice initiative. Club members are exhorted to vote for a Republican who does not always support Republican values because winning power is more important. That policy was formalized in a low-key announcement at the Republican Party nominating convention of 2020, when it stated there would be no party platform, but people would simply follow the nominee’s wishes.

And then we saw, on Jan. 6, 2021, how a powerful regime without established values or principles, will use such power.

And today, in the Ukraine, also.

Lee Hoyt Mutual 11

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