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Tournament Poker

Tournament Poker Tournament Poker

Ken Goettsch won the final table on March 12, beating Tom Pappas with a straight against two pair. Goettsch, a retired farmer who has lived in LW for 24 years, has won final table twice in his 20 years as a club member.

Finishing in third through fifth place were Linda Stone, Tony Canfora and Wendy Wu. High hands were won by Linda Stone with AAAQQ and Drew Sargent with AAA88. Bill Clawson won the promo hand of 7-3 for the fourth week in a row.

Texas Hold ’Em lessons will be held the first three Saturdays in April at 11 a.m. in Clubhouse 6; tournament games will start at noon those days. No late entries are permitted.

Anyone with questions should contact Judy Jasmin at (562) 626-8179.

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