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GRF BOD Monthly Meeting Agenda

GRF BOD Monthly Meeting Agenda GRF BOD Monthly Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, March 22, 10 a.m.

Clubhouse 4 and via Livestream

To view the live GRF Board meeting, go to www.lwsb. com. The livestreaming uses YouTube live and terminates at the close of the meeting.

1) Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance 2) Roll Call 3) President’s Announcements 4) Seal Beach City Council Member’s Update 5) Shareholder/Member Comments 6) Consent Calendar a) Committee/Board meetings for the Month of February i) Minutes of the Physical Property Committee Meeting, Feb. 2 ii)MinutesoftheGRFAdministrationCommitteeMeeting,Feb.3 iii)MinutesoftheCommunication/ITCommitteeMeeting,Feb.10 b) GRF Board of Directors Minutes, Feb. 22 c) GRF Board Report, dated March 22 d) GRF Board Report, dated Feb. 22 e) Acceptance of the Interim Financial Statements for the Month of February f) Approval of the Reserve Funding Investment Purchase 7) Ad Hoc Reports a) Governing Document Ad Hoc Committee—Discussion b) Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee—Discussion c) Website Ad Hoc Committee—Discussion d) Bulk Cable Ad Hoc Committee—Discussion 8) New Business a) General i) Change of Date - 5 percent Increase Economic Adjustment ii) Face Mask Requirement at Trust Property and Meetings iii) Operating Funding Request—Spam Filter Licensing iv) Reserve Funding Request—Emergency Service—Sewer Line Repair, El Dorado Road b) Finance Committee i) Acceptance of the Final Draft of 2021 Audited Financial Statements ii) TENTATIVE VOTE: Amend 40-5061-2, Fees c) GRF Administration Committee i) Amend 50-2182, Member/Owner Renter/Lessee-Rules ii) TENTATIVE VOTE: Amend30-5093-1,AuthorizedResident Rules of Conduct iii) Amend 30-5024-1, Committee Structure d) Physical Property Committee i) Reserve/Capital Funding Request—Woodshop Improvement in Clubhouse 1 ii) Capital Funding Request—Electrical Engineer—Clubhouse 1 iii) Capital Funding Request—Clubhouse 6 Door Openers iv) Amend Policy 30-5041-5, Real Trust Property Acreage e) Recreation Committee i) Reserve Funding—Aquatic Center Furniture ii)Approval—GolfBallRemoval—TurtleLakeatGRFGolfCourse iii)ReserveFundingRequest—Clubhouse3IceMachineReplacement iv) Approval—Amphitheater Sound and Lighting Contract v) TENTATIVE VOTE: Amend 70-2504-2, The Library Fees vi) Amend 70-1468-1, Swimming Pool Rules vii) FINAL VOTE: Adopt 70-5563-1, Needle Art Studio viii) Amend 70-1429.01-1, Golf Course Regulations f) Security, Bus & Traffic Committee i) Approval—Reinstatement of Parking Tickets ii) Reserve Funding Request—GRF Vehicles—Minibuses Purchase iii) Capital Funding Request—LED Lighted Stop Signs iv) Amend 80-1937-1, Parking Rules 9) Board Member Comments 10) Next Meeting April 26, Clubhouse 4/Virtual 11) Adjournment

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