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Drone Club takes flight

Drone Club takes flight Drone Club takes flight

The Drone Club has revamped its membership system, introducing two types of members: pilots and co-pilots.

Pilots, or trainers, are members who already have flying skills, while co-pilot, or trainees, are folks who need to learn the basics.

Training, via Zoom meetings, will remain a part of the program, as well as a drone flight simulator, which has proven excellent for newcomers. They can crash without spending several hundred dollars on a real drone.

New co-pilots will be paired with pilots who will help them acquire flight skills. This includes help with the FAA Trust Test, which is required of all club members.

At this time, in-person meetings remain suspended, but the clube hosts weekly Q& A sessions via Zoom on Fridays at 10 a.m. Contact Joseph Valentinetti at or (909) 800-4102 for more information.

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