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Arshat. The facility will rotate ….

Arshat. The facility will rotate on-site representatives from Orange County Adult Protective Services, Alzheimer’s Orange County and the Southern California Council on Aging, streamlining the process for LWSB residents coping with age-related support issues.

The Golden Age Foundation is supplementing the program by funding necessary transportation, food and care expenses for residents needing temporary help to stay in their homes. The new facility, which is scheduled to open in January, will be located next to the Café.

In the other action, the GRF board authorized $250,000 to replace the Fitness Center’s air conditioning/heating system. After the Clubhouse 6 exercise area was reconfigured and expanded by nearly 30 percent, the existing unit could not cool the facility to user expectations.

The Board also approved the final payment for the community’s Aquatic Center. The original plan to replicate the old pool was abandoned when demolition revealed severe defects in the pool’s concrete deck and utilities, as well as structural dangers in the shower rooms. Just a month before the World Health Organization recognized COVID as a worldwide pandemic, the Board had voted to completely redesign and rebuild the pool.

The resulting suspension of government permit services, supply chain disruptions and the striking price rise of building materials caused cost overruns, bringing the total price of the enlarged and improved Aquatic Center area to $2.7 million. According to GRF Director Carole Damoci, that’s approximately, in inflation-adjusted dollars, what the pool’s original 1962 construction cost.

The next general board meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 25, at 10 a.m. in Clubhouse 4.

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