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It’s worth reviewing your coverage

It’s worth reviewing your coverage It’s worth reviewing your coverage

by Sandra Teel

Medicare insurance broker

What is Annual Enrollment Period?

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is the time of year that new Medicare insurance plans are unveiled for the next year, in this case, 2022.

Every year, Medicare insurance companies make changes to the their plans. Usually these changes give

people greater benefits. The AEP runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7.

By now, people should have received an annual notification of changes from their Medicare insurance companies. This notification is to alert them of what changes are being made to the current insurance plan.

It’s a good idea to sit down and really look at the notification, paying attention to both positive and possible negative changes in the plan.

Who Does This Affect?

People who have a Medicare Advantage plan, a Medicare Prescription Drug plan with Medicare Supplemental (Medigap Plan) or a straight Medicare can make changes now, during the AEP.

What to Do?

People should compare current Advantage Plans or Prescription Drug plans with the new plans. It may be that a newer plan offers better benefits.

Or maybe they just want to change to a different company. If so, now is the time to make those changes. Keep in mind that the new plan will not take effect until Jan. 1. People who have only Original Medicare without any extra coverage should make the time to see what they are missing.

Those who have had the same Medicare Advantage Plan or Prescription Drug plan for more than a couple of years should consider reviewing all options to avoid missing out on better benefits.

Everyone should do an annual review of his or her current Medicare insurance to see if more benefits may be possible.

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