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Kim, a nice 7 under ….

Kim, a nice 7 under 47; third: tie between Bob Turner and Janice Turner and Steven Walker and Yvonne Yim, a fine 6 under 48; fourth: tie between Bill Lyons and Karen Mendon and Jae H. Lee and Sun Lee, a well-played 5 under 49.

B Flight Winners: First place: Steve Ro and Elizabeth Butterfield, a terrific 7 under 47; second: Jae Kim and Myung Kim, a marvelous 6 under 48; third: Bill McKusky and Joyce Basch, a very good 5 under 49; fourth: Hyon Shin and Sang An, a great 4 under 50.

C Flight Winners: First place: Youn Lee and Melinda Lee, a remarkable 8 under 46; second: Pat Paternoster and Alison Kim, a terrific 7 under 47; third: Paul Shellenberger and Sally Park, a great 5 under 49; fourth: tie between James Farr and Neva Senske, Rolando Ramirez and Laura Garcia, Dennis Jensen and Marilyn Hewitt, and Joe DiDonato and Sandra deDubovay, a super 3 under 51.

Closest to the pin on the par-3 eighth hole were Steve Walker and Joann Lim, while on the par-3 17th hole, it was Jae H. Lee and Karen Mendon.

The next Guys & Gals Tournament will be Sept. 29. If you are scheduled to play (check clubhouse bulletin board) and cannot, contact Alan Sewell at (541) 324-8558 or Dave LaCascia at (801) 674-5975 as soon as you know.

—Dave LaCascia

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