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Guys & Gals Tournament

The Sept. 15 Leisure World Guys & Gals Tournament was played at the Turtle Lake Golf Course. Three flights of a oneman- and-one-woman team participated for best net scores, four circle holes (within a 5-foot circle), and two closest-to-thepin challenges.

A total of 31 teams participated through the early morning and into the afternoon. The greens and fairways are in very good condition, but the tee boxes remain in poor shape, with very low or little growth, more than a few bare spots, some wetness and numerous unrepaired divots. This causes higher scores, as tee shots are erratic because of little grass and a lot of dirt showing on the tee boxes.

The weather was comfortable and lamentably windless. The sun decided to make an appearance in the early afternoon, and so the heat rose slightly as the day wore on. With the cooler weather and fair overall course conditions, 26 of the 31 rounds were net at or below par. There were five circle hole winners.

A Fight encompasses golfers with handicaps of 0-10; B Flight, 11-13; and C Flight, 14-18. All scores below are net (gross score minus handicap).

A Flight Winners: First place: Paul Alloway and Ann Tran, a very good 8 under 45; second: tie between Gene Archambault and Stella Yoon and Dong Kim and Devora Kim, a nice 7 under 47; third: tie between Bob Turner and Janice Turner and Steven Walker and Yvonne Yim, a fine 6 under 48; fourth: tie between Bill Lyons and Karen Mendon and Jae H. Lee and Sun Lee, a well-played 5 under 49.

B Flight Winners: First place: Steve Ro and Elizabeth Butterfield, a terrific 7 under 47; second: Jae Kim and Myung Kim, a marvelous 6 under 48; third: Bill McKusky and Joyce Basch, a very good 5 under 49; fourth: Hyon Shin and Sang An, a great 4 under 50.

C Flight Winners: First place: Youn Lee and Melinda Lee, a remarkable 8 under 46; second: Pat Paternoster and Alison Kim, a terrific 7 under 47; third: Paul Shellenberger and Sally Park, a great 5 under 49; fourth: tie between James Farr and Neva Senske, Rolando Ramirez and Laura Garcia, Dennis Jensen and Marilyn Hewitt, and Joe DiDonato and Sandra deDubovay, a super 3 under 51.

Closest to the pin on the par-3 eighth hole were Steve Walker and Joann Lim, while on the par-3 17th hole, it was Jae H. Lee and Karen Mendon.

The next Guys & Gals Tournament will be Sept. 29. If you are scheduled to play (check clubhouse bulletin board) and cannot, contact Alan Sewell at (541) 324-8558 or Dave LaCascia at (801) 674-5975 as soon as you know.

—Dave LaCascia

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