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Naval Weapons Station Construction

Naval Weapons Station Construction Naval Weapons Station Construction

As part of its ammunition pier replacement project, a Navy contractor for the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station started a test pile driving effort last week.

The test pile driving program will run for approximately two weeks during weekday, daylight hours. Up to 20 piles will be driven into an area in the center of Anaheim Bay where the future pier will be located.

In December 2019 Navy contractors began construction on a five-year project to build a replacement ammunition pier in Anaheim Bay and re-route the public boating channel to and from Huntington Harbour.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the project has stayed largely on schedule.

The new public boat channel opened in January, and a new vehicle causeway was built across the old channel shortly after that. The NWS is currently working on early construction efforts for a large truck turnaround area that will be adjacent to the new pier in the center of the bay.

During the test work, approximately 20 concrete piles will be driven into positions along the future pier footprint in the center of the bay.

Once the test pile driving campaign has finished, test data will be evaluated in the coming months to devise the most efficient methods for pile placement.

The beginning of actual pile placement is currently scheduled for early 2022, although that timeline is still fluid and could be modified by the pile driving test results.

The NWS will provide more information on the project’s next steps later this year. In the meantime, for additional information visit the project website at

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