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Wa-Rite members share tips to keep weight off

Wa-Rite members share tips to keep weight off Wa-Rite members share tips to keep weight off

Erna Durango is a Master of Goal Weight. She has kept excess weight off for a year and was one of the few members who did well even under stress. Durango followed the Paleo diet, which cuts out sugar, gluten and dairy. But it allows for fruits, vegetables and lean meats, and she said she snacked on nuts to help with cravings. According to Durango, it’s been hard, but she’s learning and sticking with it.

Wa-Rite members received helpful tips on a recent Share Day. In lieu of a program, members talked about what has worked for them. Though the lockdown gave everyone an excuse to eat, they are ready to own their shortcomings and take charge of what was out of control.

Among the helpful tips were:

• Keep moving. Exercise at the gym, get a walking DVD, or, for those not ready to go out, work out at home.

• Eat healthy. Be more consistent, plan meals and practice portion control. If eating out, order lean meat, veggies and a salad.

• Know your limitations. If craving something, eat a small portion of it; anyone who has trouble stopping, though, should just stay away from it. Find something you love to replace that craving—there’s a lot of delicious food out there.

• Take a deep breath and be grateful for each day. Don’t sweat the small stuff and ask for help when needed. Members were reminded that it’s important to forgive themselves—after all, no one is perfect.

Everyone is unique, so what works for one may not work for someone else.

The Top Loser for July 30 prefered to remain anonymous. She lost 2.5 pounds by eating more fish and chicken—and, of course, drinking more water.

The week’s Food for Thought: Success is dependent on effort.

Wa-Rite is a support group for women wanting to lose 10 pounds or more. Members meet on Fridays in Clubhouse 3, Room 1, from 9-10 a.m. Weigh-ins are from 7:45-8:45. Members must be a LW resident; dues are $5. Anyone interested should bring a GRF ID. Questions should be directed to Carol Chambers at (562) 822-4641 or Margaret Humes at (562) 296-5834.

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