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Solar energy project to begin soon


The California Army National Guard is completing an Environmental Assessment (EA) at Joint Forces Training Base (JFTB) addressing potential effects associated with the installation and operation of a solar panel-based renewable energy generation facility (REGF) on the installation.

The proposed project—construction projected to begin in December— is part of the U.S. Army’s implementation of its Energy, Security and Sustainment (ES2) Strategy. A key component of that strategy is to provide secure sources of energy at strategically located installations across the country.

JFTB is the only major military installation in the Los Angeles basin capable of supporting large-scale emergency-response operations.

Accordingly, the installation was selected due to the critical importance of providing a secure energy source in support of the Guard’s mission to conduct long-term operations during federally or state-declared emergencies.

Once the REGF and microgrid are in operation, should the regional power grid go down for an extended period of time due to storm damage, a natural disaster or terrorist incident, the microgrid will operate independently and provide power to JFTB to support civilian and military emergency-response operations.

The project will also enhance power reliability of the local grid during normal operations. The EA is required under the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and evaluates a number of issues related to possible adverse environmental effects to humans and the environment.

Analysis includes land use; airspace; visual and aesthetic resources; air quality; noise; geology, topography, and soils; water resources; biological resources; cultural resources; socioeconomics; environmental justice; human health and safety; utilities and infrastructure; traffic and transportation; and hazardous and toxic substances. Special attention was focused on potential glint/glare impact from solar panels to aircraft operations at Los Alamitos Army Airfield and to occupants of residences located east, south and west of the base.

Upon completion of the EA, the document will be available at multiple locations for public view and comment. JFTB and Guard leadership will keep the public informed as to the release date and viewing locations. For additional information, contact Col. (CA) Richard Lalor at (562) 795-2096 or via email at richard.w.lalor2., or Staff Sgt. Crystal Housman at (805) 458-3825 or via email at

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