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Community Church Community Church

Jesus was an affront to the religiousleadersofhisday. His teachings were so radical that people are still trying to come to terms with them even today. This week, Community Church will look at the John 6:51-58.

Every week Pastor Johan Dodge reminds all who are physically or virtually present that the word “Gospel” means “good news,” and if the word of God is used in a way that isn’t good news, then it isn’t the the Gospel.

Community Church is a place where everything is designed with the first-time participant in mind. Those who have not felt welcome in church or have never participated in church before are invited to join.

As Orange County continues to emerge from the pandemic, the church welcomes everyone to participate virtually on Zoom and Facebook, and those who are vaccinated are invited to attend in person.

The sanctuary is open for those who are vaccinated, and services are open virtually for those who either cannot join physically or are still in the midst of their vaccination routine. Full vaccination is two shots after two weeks. The Delta variant is here in Seal Beach. Current guidance is to mask indoors regardless of vaccination status. Those who are vaccinated can attend with a mask.

Those who are in need of assistance can call (562) 431-2503 or email

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