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Letters to the Editor


I really appreciated the thought-provoking and excellently written letter from Suzanne Dunwell (July 22) regarding the use of leaf blowers and lawn mowers, and the unrelenting noise and pollution they create.

At one time, the Mutual 6 board of directors had written into the landscaping contract that no blowers be used except in special circumstances by permission only.

Let’s consider phasing in the use of all electric garden tools. Perhaps the current board can revisit this issue and set an example for all of Leisure World.

Also, consider the possibility of replacing some of our lawn area with native species (not succulents and cactus) that use less water and no chemicals.

This supports our bird, butterfly, bee and amphibian population by replenishing resources for wildlife both locally and along migratory corridors while providing food, shelter, safe passage and places to raise young.

The bird population has lost 3 billion in North America, coastal birds, 48 percent; and migratory and community birds, 26 percent (Audubon Society) due to habitat loss from development, decreased water, pollution, wildfires, etc.

We are in a conservation crisis. Let’s all do our part to protect our beautiful bio-diversity with its pollinators, insect eaters and seed dispersers.

Of course, it would also provide the personal benefits of improving both cognitive and mental health (ecotherapy at its best) with our bird watching!

Paula Dowd Mutual 6 Editor:

What a beautifully written, fun and funny article—written by Joanna Matos regarding getting her kicks on Route 66—in our July 15 edition of the LW Weekly! It was well-documented with details of where they went and what they did, complete with wonderful photos!

Even though I’ve never taken that ride, my husband, David, recalls making that trip several times in the 1960s, which he said was still the heyday of Route 66.

Thanks for publishing such a worthwhile, interesting article.

Jan Friedland Mutual 4 Editor:

Here I am again placing a complaint.

I have been trying for approximately one year to have something done about the problem on St. Andrews Drive and Oakmont when trying to make a left turn.

I attended a board meeting on Sept. 2, 2020, and there was another person there who complained of the same thing.

First, I tried to have a threeway stop sign added but was turned down because of some section, but it boiled down to we haven’t had enough accidents on that corner to warrant a stop sign.

Then I suggested that they cut foliage that blocks the view of cars coming in the other direction while making a left turn.

I have talked to residents who agree with me about that corner. Our visitors are also concerned. I think some of the foliage has been cut, but it needs more.

So please, take action before there is an accident.

Grace Gate-Lesher Mutual 7 Editor:

I am responding to the apparent lack of response to letter last week from Victoria Wood (July 29).

Nothing is quite so frustrating as not being listened to. The editorial reply focused only on the noise related to the dismantling (of the DWP power plant), and this was not her issue.

Rather, her complaint was regarding the sound levels from normal operations. “The noise is constant, 24/7.” When walking in the evening (quiet?) hours, I can attest that this new plant is quite loud the closer your proximity.

So, I sympathize with the writer, as this is not just a Mutual 8 issue, but is a LW community problem.

I urge the GRF Board to request LADWP measure the normal operating noise levels from this new plant, as it is more than a nuisance.

Lee Howell Mutual 5 Editor:

I’d like to thank everyone for making my birthday very special. I appreciate all the effort put in to assure both parties were great. Love you lots.

Alanna Eaby Mutual 12 Editor:

The Tokyo Olympics are spectacular as energetic Olympians with their flags held proudly represent their countries, competing for gold, silver and bronze.

Synchronized diving is one of my favorites, and I was dazzled watching the magnificent performances.

The women’s volleyball team competition reminded me of when I was on my high school team. The winners are jubilant while the losers accept defeat.

When I was a Mutual director, some of the shareholders were bored, so I suggested that they join clubs and watch the Olympics as the world competitions are always exciting.

Some called and thanked me, saying how much they enjoyed the great performances.

I am overwhelmed with pride and gratitude as the U.S. tops the medals-won list. The athletes are amazing.

Lisa A. Dickson Mutual 1

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