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Miryam’s Technology Classes

Miryam Fernandez’s technology classes are taught on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Topics change each week as follows:

• Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 2 p.m., Facebook Basics

• Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 2 p.m., iPhone iOS 14 Updates For an invitation, email Miryam at [email protected]

If you need help setting up your Zoom microphone and/or video or have other connectivity issues, call Bonnie Cooper at (562) 822-6358 before class begins.

Important Reminder

Apple, Microsoft, IRS, Social Security, etc., will never contact you by phone, text or email.

If there’s ever a problem with your account, they will shut you down until you contact them.

If you get a call from them, it’s a scam.

—Miryam Fernandez

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