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New president shares goals for GRF Board

New president shares goals for  GRF Board New president shares goals for  GRF Board


by Janet Isom

GRF Board President

It is an honor and privilege to have been elected this year’s GRF Board president. This is a new term with a new leadership team and new board of directors, who are ready and willing to make positive changes for the good of the entire community.

With positive changes in mind, some notable accomplishments in the Board’s first week include: 1. Agendas will have the Pledge of Allegiance recited at the beginning of all GRF meetings; 2. Voting to reinstate the Finance Committee will take place at a special board meeting on Friday, June 21, at 2 p.m. in Clubhouse 4, when the Board will also ratify this year’s committees; 3. A Town Hall regarding a Transportation Plan has been re-scheduled from June 21 to Friday, July 19, at 2 p.m. in Clubhouse 4, to both update and educate the new board, and the community, of our available options.

Upcoming goals for the Board include: 1. Re-instating all GRF Member correspondence to the Board back in meeting agendas, with personal data redacted (other than Member name and Mutual number); 2. Holding two evening Board meetings in March and November; 3. Monthly LW Weekly column covering items of interest to the community.

The board welcomes your suggestions and comments. GRF Member correspondence can be emailed to or dropped off with the front desk staff or into the overnight box on the far right of the Administration building.

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