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GRF updates decades-old phone system, extensions

GRF updates decades-old phone  system, extensions GRF updates decades-old phone  system, extensions

On Feb. 1, the GRF replaced its 20-year-old phone system for a new one that will facilitate the efficiency of the courtesy call center recently implemented to provide one-stop information to frequently asked questions related to GRF departments, services and facilities.

The system features contact centers that can queue callers for faster service. Anyone who has ever called customer service and listened to peppy music while they waited to speak with

One of GRF's newly installed office phones.

an agent have been in a queue.

The main GRF number has not changed. It is 1-562-4316586. Callers should listen to menu options as they have changed and make their selections accordingly.

Due to cybersecurity concerns, the full list of GRF staff extensions will not be posted at, which is a public website. Instead, there will be a list of extensions to the main GRF departments. For example, people can call customer service at the LW Weekly by dialing 1-562-431-6586, extension 2383, and their calls will be directed accordingly.

Residents can access all departments via the main line, 562-431-6586, and select the department or option from the new menu. See below for the GRF departments and their new extensions.

• Security, ext. 2377

• News, ext. 2383

• Main Auto Attendant, ext. 2700

• IT, ext. 2701

• Client Services, ext. 2702

• Mutual Administration, ext. 2703

• Finance, ext. 2705

• Service Maintenance, ext. 2706

• Recreation, ext. 2707

• Physical Property, ext. 2708

• On-Site Sales, ext. 2709

• Stock Transfer, ext. 2710

• LW Library, ext. 2711

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