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GRF staff stand ready to help with RFID questions


GRF Security continues to refine gate access protocols in the hopes of creating a seamless experience for both residents and guests.

GRF personnel are standing by to receive questions about the gate access system.

Those who are having issues with their RFID tags should contact the 24-hour security line at 562-594-4754. If Security personnel cannot solve the problem, they will create a ticket on your behalf. Be ready to provide your name, contact information and a brief description of your problem. The ticket will be forwarded to the gate access team, who will work to find a solution.

For general questions about Proptia and guest passes, contact the Customer Care Team at 562-431-6586, ext. 2313 or ext. 2335.

Security personnel are looking at the configuration of the Main Gate entry lanes for potential improvements, and new signage has been ordered to indicate which lane is for RFID tags and which is for non-RFID entries and guests.

Those traveling to the Main Gate southbound on Seal Beach Boulevard should use the rightmost lane to make a right turn into the entry lanes. Turning right from the middle lane is a traffic violation punishable by a fine of potentially hundreds of dollars.

Residents and their guests can enter through any gate, and first-time guests can have their visitor passes printed at any gate.

A reminder on the basics of entry for residents and guests: Resident Entry

• A valid RFID tag or valid Leisure World Identification Card is required. (Decals are not valid for entry—they are for Mutual use for carport parking.)

• Vehicles with an RFID tag entering the main gate will enter in the “RFID TAG ONLY” lane.

• Vehicles without an RFID tag will enter the “ALL OTHERS”


Permanent Visitors

• Four permanent visitors are allowed per unit on your account.

• Each guest will receive a pass at the front when entering— permanent visitors will keep that pass for 90 days.

• After 90 days, the next time the permanent visitor arrives, the security officer will check to ensure the permanent visitor is still on the list, and a pass will be issued for another 90 days.

• You may delete a permanent visitor at any time by calling Security or using the Proptia portal.

• To obtain a caregiver pass, the caregiver must go to the Stock Transfer Office and fill out an application. Once filled out, they will receive a six-month pass when they are added to Proptia and go through the gate for the first time.

Temporary Visitors

• Temporary visitors may receive passes from 1-7 days.

• You may add a temporary visitor by calling Security or using the Proptia portal.

• People can always call in their visitors 24/7, just as they did before, by contacting Security at 562-594-4754.

Getting an RFID tag

RFID tags for residents and residents’ additional vehicles are available at the Decal Office in Building 5. People must have the a valid state issued driver’s license, valid vehicle registration, valid vehicle insurance, and a valid GRF identification card.

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