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Seal Beach Police sets up surveillance camera trailer in LW

Seal Beach Police sets up surveillance camera trailer in LW Seal Beach Police sets up surveillance camera trailer in LW


TSeal Beach Police Department has provided the Leisure World with Seal Beach’s first ever surveillance camera trailer. This pilot is the first of many deployments throughout all of Seal Beach.

The surveillance camera trailer is fully self contained, and provides live, real time footage back to SBPD dispatch and its watch commander desk.

“The City of Seal Beach is always exploring opportunities to leverage technology to secure our city and have made strides in integrating the surveillance systems at our city facilities, public locations, and traffic cameras,” said SBPD Lt. Julia Clasby. “This deployment is our first foray into a co-operated surveillance system.”

The new system is in place partially thanks to the efforts of Councilwoman Sandra Massa-Lavitt, who recognized the need for additional technological coordination between Leisure World and the Seal Beach Police Department. Her discretionary funds were leveraged for this pilot program. Currently, the trailer is in the Clubhouse 2 parking lot, overlooking the area that has been a recent hotspot of crime in the community. SBPD’s Detective Bureau is currently investigating larcenies that occurred at the location.

The footage from the surveillance camera trailer will be livestreamed to the SBPD watch commander’s office and dispatch center.

“While we don’t have the personnel to monitor the feeds 24/7, we do monitor the feeds as situations arise and time permits,” Clasby said.

Every few weeks, the trailer will be moved throughout the community to assist SBPD’s visual surveillance.

SBPD and LW staff will coordinate to determine the best deployment location.

Both organizations have the authorization and equipment necessary to move and deploy the trailer.

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