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Spate of golf cart, bike thefts reported over weekend

Spate of golf cart, bike thefts reported over weekend Spate of golf cart, bike thefts reported over weekend


Between Dec. 3 and 4, three bikes and two golf carts were reported stolen from three Mutuals.

Two bikes were stolen from Mutual 4, one golf cart from Mutual 6 and one bike and one golf cart from Mutual 8.

During a patrol check Sunday morning, a Security officer observed a lock cut at the LA Channel gate. There are two locks on this gate. One lock is provided by GRF; the other, from Orange County.

This is the second spate of thefts since early October, when four golf carts were stolen.

Seal Beach police have been working with Security to investigate the thefts, which appear to be coming from outside the community.

Police have dispatched surveillance drones, increased patrols, staged dummy bikes as bait and reinforced gate locks to prevent unauthorized entry.

In the latest case, thieves appeared to try to cut the rein-forced lock that GRF installed after first thefts were reported in October. The GRF lock held, but thieves cut through a county lock to gain access. Seal Beach police were immediately notified, and as that Sunday morn-ing progessed, calls reporting thefts began to come in.

Police found tire tracks matching a golf cart wheelbase leaving the gate area and then searched the channel to no avail.

Several golf carts like this one driven by Lee Melody of Mutual 14 were stolen last weekend. Residents are urged to secure their bikes and carts. Despite Security’s limited staffing, increased patrols are now in place, and Security is working in concert with the Seal Beach Police Department.

GRF is also working to upgrade gate locks and increase video surveillance to help identify perpetrators.

In the meantime, residents should be cautious about leaving golf carts and bikes unsecured. To help prevent golf cart theft, residents should consider the following:

GPS: Install a global positioning system (GPS). A GPS is cost effective and can be hidden anywhere on the golf cart making it impossible for a thief to know its location. Also, many GPS units have apps that connect with cell phones so people can track their carts anywhere.

Pedal Lock: Install a lock that attaches to the golf cart’s gas petal and locks it into place. It may not completely stop a thief, but the device will make it more difficult for a quick escape and harder to steal.

Steering Wheel Locks: A steering wheel lock, similar to a pedal lock, is another deterrent.

Use a Unique Key: The most common way golf carts are stolen is with a key that matches the cart’s.

Factory golf carts all come with a generic key that is interchangeable among other golf carts. For example, most Club Car golf cart keys will start another Club Car golf cart. Most golf cart dealers have the ability to change your key to something unique.

—Security Services Director Victor Rocha

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