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Pinochle Club

Pinochle is played in Clubhouse 1 every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The warmup game starts at 11:30 a.m., with the regular game beginning at 12:30 p.m. The club provides cards, score cards, pens, tablets and other equipment. It costs $2 per person to play, and the top four scorers of each day win cash prizes.

The following are the winning scores from the game on July 23: Gayle Golden, first place, 12,850; Donna German, second, 11,360; Tony Dodero, third, 10,640; and Don Walton, fourth, 9,040.

July 25 winners are: Nancy Wheeler, first place, 11,350; Marge Dodero, second, 11,140; Marilyn Allred, third, 11,070; and Julia Troise, fourth, 10,900.

Aug. 1 winners are: Chung He Scharschmidt, first place, 11,220; Donna Gorman, second, 10,790; Delores Cook, third, 10,440; and Julia Troise, fourth, 9,950.

Lessons to learn how to play or to brush up on the game are available by appointment. Call Marilyn Allred at (562) 296-5248 or Marjorie Dodero at (562) 430-5828 for more information.

Anyone interested in playing pinochle should call Marge Dodero at (310) 968-9509.

—Marge Dodero

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