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The club had a surprising karaoke night when it welcomed fournewvocalists.BothMonCho and Gene Benitez had strong, smoothvoices.KathyEnglehardt sang a beautiful “I Honestly Love You;”MicheleVallensandArleen Cullison had fun singing “Green Grass of Home” and “Boots Were Made for Walking.”

Thirty karaoke singers entertained with Hawaiian tunes sung by Ren Villaneauva and Don Hamasaki. Pop hits were sung by Gerry Tagaloa, Bev Adams, Rob Illingsworth, David Noble, Sheri Vanek and Erika Greenwood. Richard Yokomi, Barbie May, Elizabeth Butterfield, Eric Voge and Vito Villamar chose down home country tunes; and Elvis songs are always the choice of Ric Dizon. More intense songs were sung by Bob Barnum, Anna Le and Don Sunday.

Everyone is welcome for the evening of music in Clubhouse 1 on Wednesdays, beginning at 5:30 p.m. It’s a popular night for karaoke singers to take the stage and for the audience to enjoy variety of music. There is no charge, and coffee and snacks will be available.

Karaoke practice sessions are onMondaysinClubhouse6from 1-3 p.m.

—Margie Thompson

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