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Cabaret Entertainers are back on Nov. 12

Cabaret Entertainers are back on Nov. 12 Cabaret Entertainers are back on Nov. 12

Cabaret Entertainers will be back on Saturday, Nov. 12, in Clubhouse 2. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 7. The club members want to thank everyone for recent enthusiastic supportand generousdonations.

They rehearse twice a week for three months to present an unforgettable show for their audience. The group’s talented vocalists, Linn Atkinson, Maxine Chavez, Nina DeRosa, Connie Farrand, Bette Fritz, Charlie Guggino, Tosca Lies and Vickie Van Ert, the musical director Charla Gae, an emcee Charlie Guggino with his melodious tones, support each other in pursuit of perfection at every presentation. The support staff of sound technicians, Tim Fitzpatrick and Connie Farrand, stage managers, Jon Russell(President) and Chris Russell (Vice President/ Treasurer), the scheduler, Linn Atkinson, and the spotlight operator, Bill McKusky, also contribute to the group’s success.

Prior to the show, the club is assisted by the group of Cabaret Auxiliary people in decorating the stage and tables. It also requires the talents of the Video Producers Club, Paul Bassett, David Wolfe, Irene Cistaro, Michael Oh and Anna Derby, to provide an outstanding recording of the shows for future enjoyment.

The club appreciates everyone’s continuous support with a motto 'Without you, there is no show!'

—Charlie Guggino

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