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GRF Executive Board announced

GRF Executive  Board announced GRF Executive  Board announced


The GRF Board of Directors elected officers after the annual meeting on June 14.

Officers for the 2022-2023 GRF Board of Directors are: Marsha Gerber, president; William Thompson, vice president; Carol Levine, corporate secretary; and Phil Friedman, treasurer. The board also approved the appointment of committee chairs for the 2022-2023 term.

The new chairs of standing committees are: Carol Levine, Architectural Design and Review Committee; William Thompson, Communications Committee; Janet Isom, Information Technology (IT) Committee; Phil Friedman, Finance Committe; William Thompson, GRF Administration Committee; Sandy Geffner, Mutual Adminstration Committee; Nick Massetti, Physical Property Committee; Susan Hopewell, Recreation Committee; Donna Gambol, Security, Bus and Traffic Committee; and Lee Melody, Strategic Planning Committee.

There are currently two ad hoc committees: Governing Documents chaired by Carole Damoci and Website Redesign, chaired by Janet Isom.

All GRF Board and committee meetings are open and noticed in the LW Weekly on page 5. GRF meeting schedules are also available at All committees, with the exception of the Finance Committee, meet in the afternoon and are held in person and livestreamed when appropriate.

GRF Board members informally gathered June 22 to greet new Executive Director Jessica Sedgwick (center), who started June 22. Board members are Lucy Ableser (seated, l-r), representing Mutual 7; Tony Dodero, Mutual 9; Janet Isom, Mutual 16; Teri Nugent, Mutual 2; and Lee Melody, Mutual 14; standing are Camille Thompson (l-r), Mutual 8; Susan Jacquelin, Mutual 2; Donna Gambol, Mutual 1; Phil Friedman, Mutual 15; Nick Massetti, Mutual 17; Carol Levine, Mutual 10; William Thompson, Mutual 5; Sandy Geffner, Mutual 3, and Marsha Gerber, Mutual 4. Not pictured are Leah Perrotti, Mutual 1; Susan Hopewell, Mutual 6; Phil Mandeville, Mutual 11; and Carole Damoci, Mutual 12.

GRF President Marsha Gerber (l) helps GRF Executive Director Jessica Sedgwick get acclimated on her first day in Leisure World June 22.

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