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Interact TV Service-A First Look

Interact TV Service-A First Look Interact TV Service-A First Look

With the Superwire discount on Spectrum’s TV service rate going away at the end of the year, Leisure World has identified Interact Solutions as an even lower cost replacement.

The Interact TV service uses a proprietary app and a small set back box about the size of a cell phone to deliver channel packages starting at $28.99. The app uses cloudbased Android software common in many cell phones, TVs and other household devices that connect to the Internet.

Included is a user friendly remote control, a small power supply to connect to the wall and a HDMI cable to connect to your TV. The App comes with 24/7 customer service to remotely resolve problems.

Demonstrations of the app have started with a few Leisure World experts like Gordon Smith of Mutual 2 getting the first looks at it. Smith recently retired from the position of director of technical Services at PBS TV station KOCE.

Smith was amazed at how it worked. “When connected to my Samsung TV, it automatically switched all control to the decoder box,” he said. “The software is very fast. When looking at the guide is scrolls at a swift pace. Switching stations is lightning fast. Recording programs is easy to accomplish. The show you record is actually recorded in the cloud for your access anywhere you log in. Close captioning is available too.”

This expert summed his experience up by saying, “Overall, this is a big thumbs up. So easy to use.”

—Nick Massetti, Bulk TV Oversight Team

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