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Mutual/GRF Election Voter Alert

As the Mutual and GRF elections move forward, shareholders should check mailed election materials to confirm that their names and addresses are correct.

New shareholders, especially, should verify the information to ensure election materials were not inadvertently sent in the name of a previous occupant of their unit.

Accurate Voting Services, the third-party Inspector of Elections, is working with Mutual Administration to address the issue and offer easy solutions to affected shareholders.

In the case of an incorrect election mailing, there are three options to cast a vote:

• Continue to vote as instructed in the election directions using the provided ballot and envelope. Accurate Voting Services will receive the ballet and confirm the status of the voter.

• Contact Accurate Voting Services directly to have a new ballot mailed. Accurate Voting Services can be reached at (833) 861-6352.

• Vote in-person at the Mutual’s annual meeting or on GRF’s election day June 7 by requesting a ballot from Accurate Voting Services in person before voting is closed.

Shareholders can check the Government section on page 5 for a schedule of GRF and Mutual annual meetings.

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