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Pool Club

The Pool Club is now half way through the Spring Season of the Pool League, with every team having played every other team once. The season sends in seven more weeks with the sweepstakes. On April 4, the Favorites won 9-4 against the Ball Busters, taking an eight-game lead by doing so. All three members of the Favorites—Dave Silva, Shery Wells and Gary Snow—won five games. The Ball Busters won all three of their nine-ball singles matches, with Dennis Bedford making the eight ball to win the final team eight-ball match.

Side Pocket won over Beat the House 8-5, with Steve Edrich, Dave Mackinder and Guta Basner each winning four games. Eunis “WildFire!” Christensen won four games for Beat the House. The Pocket Rockets beat Ticket to Ride 8-5 to remain in second place. Rusty Aquino won all seven of his games to lead the Pocket Rockets. Jokers Wild beat Team Five 9-4 and moved into a tie for second place with the Pocket Rockets. Ren Villenueva led Jokers Wild by winning five games, including all of his doubles games. In many cases, a team’s C-level player only gets to break in one of his or her singles matches. Since the break in pool is very important and a player cannot improve that facet of his or her game without that chance, the Pool Club board has decided that every player on a three-person team should get to break in one doubles match.

—Dave Silva

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