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Letters to the Editor


We had the opportunity to attend the fundraising concert for Ukrainian Refugees, which was sponsored by the Leisure World Korean American Classical Music Academy, on April 2 in Clubhouse 4. It was a first-class event with eight outstanding performers, each with a lovely classical voice.

We have attended some of the Korean concerts in Leisure World before, and they have always been of high caliber.

Thank you, Leisure World Korean American Classical Music Academy, for another great event.

Ella Walton Marvin Jahn Mutual 2 Editor:

On behalf of the Korean American Classical Music Academy, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the Leisure World friends who came to the April 2 fundraising concert for UNICEF for Ukraine Refugees. The total donation was $12,816, with 247 people participating. Our officers counted checks and cash many times. We received more checks by mail, and we are going to send all these checks with our letter to the UNICEF office in New York. All other expenses are paid by the Academy.

I am sure everyone enjoyed the guest singers from Los Angeles.

Thanks again to everyone for your participation and donation.

Grace Kim Mutual 14

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