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Northern Sierra snow water content peaked in mid-January.

This month’s survey demonstrates the severe drought that California continues to endure.

Make Every Drop Count

Implementing changes in daily water use can make a big impact toward ensuring there is enough water supply to meet current and future needs. Here are several actions people can take to help:

• Plant water wise plants and add hardscaping elements to gardens, for example pavers, decomposed granite or bark, to create year-round spaces that eliminate the need to weed, mow, and irrigate regularly.

• Don’t water sidewalks and patios.

• Use a broom instead of a hose to clean outdoor areas and save up to six gallons of water every minute.

• Recycle indoor water for outdoor use. Place a bucket under the showerhead while you wait for the water to warm up, then use it to water your outdoor garden.

• Reduce your shower time to five minutes or less to save up to 12.5 gallons of water.

• Wash full loads of clothes and dishes and save up to 15-45 gallons of water per load.

—from the California State Water Control Board

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