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Pool Club

On March 21, the Pool Club played its fifth of 14 rounds in the Spring League. Jokers Wild lost to the Pocket Rockets 8-5, but the team is still clinging to a one-game lead, with a season record of 38 and 27. Connie Adkins won six games for Pocket Rockets, losing only an eight ball doubles match.

The big winner of the night was the Favorites, who won 11-2 over Side Pocket. Gary Snow won all seven of his matches for the Favorites, while Shery Wells and Dave Silva each won six games. Wells won the final eight ball game by making the eight ball on a long corner shot with the cue ball on the rail.

Beat the House won against Ticket to Ride 8-5. This put Beat the House one game over .500 and only five games out of first place. Eunis “Wildfire!” Christensen was the star for Beat the House, winning six games, including both of her singles matches.

The Ball Breakers took Team Five by an 8-5 margin. Glenn Evensen won five games for the Ball Breakers, including both of his singles.

In league play, each team plays every other team twice, and every match consists of 13 games. Each player plays two games of eight ball and two games of nine ball with each partner.

They also play one game each of singles in eight ball and nine ball against their corresponding opponent on the other team (i.e., the A player is matched against the other team’s A player). Every match concludes with all three players on each team playing a final game of eight ball.— Dave Silva

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