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or Seal Beach Police, respectively, ….

or Seal Beach Police, respectively, will be called immediately.

6.2. “For Sale” signage shall not be displayed on any vehicle on TRUST PROPERTY.

6.3. Vehicles may not be repaired and/or major service may not be performed, and fluids may not be changed on any TRUST PROPERTY. 6.4. All vehicles must be washed at the car and RV washing areas behind Clubhouse Two. The vehicle must be owned by the AUTHORIZED RESIDENT and must display a GRF-issued decal. 6.5. Non-RESIDENTS shall not be permitted to wash their vehicles anywhere on TRUST PROPERTY.


The Security Department has been authorized by the GRF Board of Directors to enforce the traffic rules of this community in compliance with California Vehicle Code Section 22658, which may result in the towing of a vehicle at the vehicle owner’s expense.

7.1. MOTOR VEHICLES Subject to Immediate Towing at the VEHICLE Owner’s Expense:

7.1.1. Those in red zones designating fire lanes or fire hydrants; 7.1.2. Those parked in any no-parking zone; 7.1.3. Those parked in handicapped spaces without a proper government-issued placard or state-issued disabled license plates; 7.1.4. Those in properly posted construction zones; 7.1.5. Those blocking entrances, exits and crosswalks, or preventing access to or operation of another motor vehicle.

7.1.6. Those leaking gasoline, oil or any other hazardous fluids; and

7.1.7. Those parked in the space designated for the HCC 24-Hour Nurse.

7.1.8. Any PROHIBITED VEHICLE: Boats or unattached trailers; Inoperable vehicles; Unlicensed and/or off-road vehicles (except golf carts); Vehicles lacking current state registration; Aircraft.

7.2. OTHER PARKING VIOLATIONS SUBJECT TO TOWING Any vehicle issued a Community Rules Violation notice shall be subject to towing 72 hours after the citation has been posted.

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