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Opera Club presents viewing of Bizet’s ‘Carmen’ April 4-5

Opera Club presents viewing of Bizet’s ‘Carmen’ April 4-5 Opera Club presents viewing of Bizet’s ‘Carmen’ April 4-5

The Opera Club invites everyone to watch a new production of Bizet’s “Carmen” on Monday and Tuesday, April 4 and 5, at 1:30 p.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 2. This tale of love gone wrong is an ideal way for newcomers to become acquainted with the lure and passion of music that has withstood the test of hundreds of years and is destined for perpetuity.

Based on a story by Prosper Merimee, composer Georges Bizet created an unforgettable score that highlights how young military corporal Jose fell in love with the very attractive, free-living, free-loving cigarette factory worker Carmen.

Act 1 depicts the flirtatious beginning of a relationship that excludes the rival love of a faithful Micaela for her corporal. Carmen is a fiery personality who tangles with her co-workers and gets arrested but manages to convince the guard, Jose, to let her escape. In Act 2, after the story has first introduced the glamorous character of a bullfighter named Escamillo, Carmen convinces Jose, who has served 30 days in prison for his neglect, to flee to a mountain encampment of gypsies.

Act 3 finds Carmen reading tarot cards that foretell doom for both herself and Jose. Escamillo arrives to declare his love for Carmen and gets into a fight with Jose. but they settle with Escamillo inviting them to his upcoming bullfight. Micaela also arrives to tell Jose that his mother is dying, but Jose rejects her. In Act 4, at the bullfighting stadium, Escamillo declares his love for Carmen, who then rejects Jose by throwing down the ring he gave her. Jose flies into a rage, stabs Carmen and stands over her dead body as he gives himself up.

The music heightens the emotions of the story and solidified Bizet’s reputation. The opera is presented in French with English subtitles. The club requests everyone wear a mask. No dues or fees will be collected.

For more information, contact Opera Club President Beverly Emus at (562) 206-5586 or

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