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Remember When

March 17, 1977The News Takes on a New Look The News had a new look, with a six-column format rather than the standard five columns.

The News changed back to a five-column format about a year later.

March 18, 1989—Hometown Politician George Brown of Mutual 14 announced that he was running for office. He won that assemblyman spot in the California Senior Legislature.

The Senior Legislature was a group of 120 elder representatives that met annually in mock session to create bills, which were handed over to elected state lawmakers.

March 19,1970 New Traffic Light The newspaper picture on Page One showed officials “checking out” the controls for the new traffic light at the corner of St. Andrews Drive and Seal Beach Boulevard. Increased traffic made the light necessary.

• March 20, 1969—New Sidewalk Poured

The newspaper picture shows workers pouring concrete for a sidewalk along Seal Beach Boulevard from the Main Gate to Beverly Manor (now North Gate Road). Prior to that time, there were no sidewalks along Seal Beach Boulevard, which in 1969 was called Bay Boulevard.

• March 21,1968—Cable TV Comes to LW

“FHA Approves Cable Television Service” was the headline. The story explained that the installation of a cable network for Leisure World had been approved with the Federal Housing Authority. The cable service was installed underground and available to all residents on a voluntary basis.

• March 21, 1976— LW First

Members of the Leisure World Bike and Trike Club took part in the Bike and Trike Rodeo in the parking lot of Clubhouse 4. The event was planned by the Automobile Club of Southern California and tested cyclists’ skills in maneuverability.

March 22, 1989—New Signs at Main Gate The picture showed new signs at the Main Gate. The signs, which are still there today, established one lane for residents and guests with passes and one lane for residents and guests without passes.

March 22,1990—Art League Anniversary The Art League celebrated its 27th anniversary with a “party night.” The League’s books of minutes, pictures and press clippings were on display.

This year the Art League is celebrating its 37th anniversary. Congratulations!

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